Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stop Google Tracing Your Browsing History

===> Secure Your Searching <===

In our daily life we often used GOOGLE to search any information regarding any fields.
It is wide search engine having the No.1 ranking.

But you know whatever we search in google is traced by google itself.

But some of the people rarely knows this fact.

Now How you can stop GOOGLE to trace our searching history.
Step 1 : Just Login in Google account.
step 2 : Now Click Here !
Step 3 : This page lists out the history search you recently made. these lists divided into categories.
Step 4 : Now Click on “pause” to stops Google from recording your history.
Step 5 : Then, Click on the “Trends” to know sites you visit most,Top queries,Top sites,Top clicks on links.
Step 6 : Then Click on “Bookmark” to enables you to store the bookmark online , and it can access on anywhere.
Its Done 

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