Sunday, 23 October 2011

Make your Keylogger or any virus UNDETECTABLE!!!

Now you can eezily make your Keylogger or any virus undetectable...

Just follow these Steps


1) Turn off your antivirus.
2) Make your keylogger or virus ( Click here to see how to make keylogger)
3) You need an exe file eg:- any flash game to bind it with keylogger.
4) You need a Crypter to make that keylogger undetectable... (Click here to download Crypter)

Here we Go !!!

I m using a flash game "Bush Royal Rampage" and i m going to bind a keylogger in this..

Now Use any Binder to Bind kelogger with this game (Click Here to download Sikandar's binder)

Now it will create a binded (Single) exe file in the same directory which Contains game and keylogger..

Now time to make that binded file undetectable...

(Browse the binded file and click "encrypt")
Now, it will create encrypted binded file in same dir..

Right click on that file and click "Change Icon" using Icon Changer

Now send that file to your friend's PC and tell him to run that game lol!
The server (keylogger) will send you all Key logs and screen shots of Victim's PC to your Gmail id.


  1. bro i got eroor when crypted

    "ce fichier est occupe ou n'est pas un fichier executable valide"

    translate in english

    "This file is busy or is not a valid executable file"

  2. these things dosent last for a long time,since it is published online,anti virus companies will release updates.