Sunday, 4 September 2011

Super Fast or Optimize your torrent speed

So in this post i am going to show you how to optimize your torrent speed,

What is a TORRENT..??

Torrents, also known as bittorrents, are part of an extremely popular peer to peer file distribution system used for transferring large files within a large network of people.

The files can be downloaded from many torrent sites like torrentz, piratebay, btjukie, h33t with the help of torrent clients like utorrent, bittorrent, bitcomet, and many more.

And as you know there are many torrent accelerator softwares but they wont work properly and i don't recommend them..

Here i am going to share some tricks which will increase your torrents speed:

First open Utorrent and click on Preferences, you wil be opened a pop up window,

Goto Connection tab and there find the port used for connection you may change it as your wish but standard is 45682 and let the port you fill be not less than 10000

Uncheck UPnP port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping

Also uncheck the button Randomize port on each startup.

Next goto Bandwidth tab and,
Follow as in the image,

Again now goto Bitorrent tab and change the settings as,

Now, In Queueing option,

Now in advanced tab:

Search for net.max_halfopen and change its value to 80 or 90 and click on set.

Next in the Disk cache option,

And one more important is the trackers,

Here is a collection of some trackers which will help you in downloading the files faster,
Download from here,


and, add it to each torrent files you download:

How to..??

Right Click on the torrent file you are downloading and click on Properties option.

Now Add the list of trackers given in the downloaded file to the torrent and click on OK.

Dats it now your torrent speed will be optimized...

Hope this was helpful.

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