Friday, 23 September 2011

Download .torrent files without using any client(like BitTorrent)

Prior to using the service, you are required to sign up and then log into the service. Click the small “sign up” link at the top right of the page to start the registration process

download torrent files
After filling in the email address and chosen password, checking the “terms of use” box, and clicking on the “Sign Up” button, you will be brought to your own personal Torrific home page.
bit torrent download

This home page is the place where you can monitor the status of your converted torrents. You can remove the downloaded items here.
bit torrent download
Now let’s move on to the usage. There are three ways to utilize the service.

The First Method

The first method is to input a torrent file URL into the “Get” field. This would be perfect if you have access to a private torrent tracker and can acquire your torrent file there. Or, if you’ve already done your homework, have the torrent link handy, and are ready to download.
bit torrent download
All you have to do is just copy and paste the URL into the field and click the “Get” button. Torrific will download the torrent and add it to the processing queue. You’ll get the time estimation and the option to be notified by email when the processed file is ready.
torrent download software
But I suggest you don’t rely so much on this estimation because my experiments have told me that the process usually takes (so much) longer. I think it depends on the number of queues that Torrific has to process, the size of the file, and the condition of the torrent itself. The less seeders means the longer you have to wait.

The Second Way

The second way is to type in the URL of a torrent website and do your search there. This method is preferred if you still not sure of the torrent that you want to download and you want to look around for a specific file. After writing down the web URL and clicking the “Get” button, Torrific will open the page in a web frame and you can navigate your way into the torrent file from there.
torrent download software

The Third Way

The third way is to type search strings into the “Get” field. Torrific will direct your search query to Google within the web frame.
download torrent files

Enjoy guys...!!!

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